About Physical Exams, Inc.

Your Occupational Health Service Provider

Physical Exams, Inc. has been serving West Virginia and the Tri-State area with medical services that are unmatched for over 25 years. Our dedication to quality includes providing clients with flexible solutions, transparent operations, and audit proof records. All our physicians are certified medical examiners and listed on the national registry.
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A Dedication to Quality Healthcare

At Physical Exams, we are an occupational health provider that strives to provide employers and their workers with the quality occupational health services in Charleston, WV, they require to function safely and properly. We complete a large number of services including physicals, general exams, respiratory fit tests, drug and alcohol screenings, x-rays, and vaccinations, providing you with all the services your company needs to ensure employees are healthy and capable of performing their jobs.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Many employers today require drug and alcohol testing at random. These drug free workplace programs are designed to ensure employees are staying clean and sober for a safer work environment in Charleston, WV. ALL collectors are certified to perform DOT drug testing, as well as breath alcohol testing, to ensure that your drivers are safe while they are on the road. We also offer testing services for other types of employers so everyone can be sure of a drug and alcohol-free workplace.

Physicals and Other Tests

In addition to drug and alcohol testing, we also perform DOT physicals and other general physicals in Charleston, WV, to gauge an employee’s health and overall well being. These are not the only types of services we can provide to employees and employers. We can also perform respiratory fit tests to ensure employees are capable of performing certain tasks on the job. For those jobs that can have a negative impact on hearing, we also offer a hearing test services so you can track any damage to your employees’ hearing. Our technicians are certified in CAOHC, NIOSH, OSHA, drug and alcohol testing.

Meeting Your Workplace Medical Needs in Charleston, WV

Many workplaces implement drug free workplace programs or conduct regular physicals to keep their employees healthy and productive. At Physical Exams, we work with a number of employers around Charleston, WV and the Tri-State area. We work hard to make sure you get the occupational health services you need to ensure your employees are always fit to be on the job.

Get Quality Healthcare

At our Charleston, WV, facility, you will get the quality healthcare you and your employees deserve. In addition to regular physicals, we can also perform DOT physicals and provide the vaccinations your workers require, whether they need a booster or a flu shot. We are even equipped to perform blood work to test for drugs, alcohol and other issues with your employees. We are a full-service occupational health service facility and want to make sure your employees are healthy and able to perform their work duties at all times.

We Perform a Variety of Testing Procedures

We understand how important it is for your employees to be sober and able to perform their duties. For this reason, we perform random drug testing, including DOT drug testing, breath alcohol testing, respiratory fit tests and hearing tests. The audiogram is an important test for those who work in factories in West Virginia and the Tri-State area. to ensure their hearing isn’t harmed by their work conditions. All audiograms are completed by a certified CAOHC technician. We are here to help you check your employees to ensure they are ready to work.

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